One of the basic rights of people is the right to vote. That is if people are in a democratic country. Voting is one that is done and it is closely connected with politics. One idea that was written before is that it is not impossible for the people to desire to elect one that is considered as bad and could implement the rule of the law strictly. President is the highest leader in on country and they are the one that could give a great change in one nation.

When people will be tired of the presidents who seem to be strong and with credibility, they can choose to elect a president that is very different from the others. If people will get tired, they can elect a president who is known for his rough acts against enemies. It can result in the control of the military or police with the nation. It would be approved by the people because they are already tired of what is the condition of their country.

Sometimes the right to vote turns out to be an obligation to find out who is the best candidate that could be the leader. But it can also be an obligation in the sense that they have no choice but to vote for anyone who is popular because they have no choice. The future leaders are all chosen by one party and whoever wins means the party wins and they will give control to whatever happens in a country.