Politics And War

Politics and war are closely connected with each other. Because of politics war could happen even in the same country. because they want to hold power so they can use force so they can get the grip of a certain place. In a country, there are various terms used when a group of people will cause an uprising. it could also be the coup so they would overthrow a leader. People can think of what they can do for their own benefit only using innocent soldiers or army.

But surprisingly even if they caused trouble into the government, they can still run for a government position and they win. People see his efforts as one that has the courage to do what he thought would be for the best of the country. Even if their efforts fail and they have no formal accomplishments, they become politicians. They can come into power if something is seen by people from him as the good side. That is no wonder why there is a division in a country.

Sometimes, because of the political concern of leaders that they want to have a benefit from one country. They then can support another country to wage war against the country of interest. When they had what they wanted, they can also turn against the country they supported. It could be a wide world for people who do not know much about the political scene. Even this political moves could also affect the economy of countries.